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Wheel rotation

Tires seem to be pretty hard and tough components of the car, but a slight misbalance can sabotage the working of the tires. Our Orlando tire shop recommends car owners have the cars and tires maintained properly according to their expiration schedule. Tire rotations, wheel rotation, wheel alignment, and wheel balancing are a few services that matter the most.

These tire maintenance services are not expensive, and you don’t need to invest thousands. Whether you are installing new tires for your car or used tires in Orlando, periodic tire rotation and wheel rotation services are a must for the smoothest and safest ride possible.

Tire Maintenance by

Our Orlando Tire Shop

Both rear and front pairs of the tires perform different jobs. Both pairs of tires wear at different paces. The tire rotation services make sure that all tires can be used for a long time after proper maintenance. Today, Our Orlando tire shop has advanced automated tire rotation and wheel rotation services.

While installation of the tires, sometimes the size difference between the front and rear tires make the ride a little bit rough and uneven. By using new technologies, the tires can now perform a lot better and last longer with less tear. Even our used tires in Orlando can be easy to play with. Upon installation, if our used tires in Orlando cause a problem, our tire rotation experts will ensure your vehicles has the smoothest ride possible.

How often should tires be rotated?

You don’t need to go for wheel rotation monthly or weekly. The time required for a wheel rotation is said to be dependent upon the commute of the user. Tire rotation services at our Orlando tire shop are usually performed every 6,000 Miles.

If you are a rough driver and you drive faster or harder on newer, installed tires, the distance covered can be harmful. If the tires are indicating problems before the said time, you can go for a wheel rotation or inspection anytime.

Alignment and Tire Rotation

Both procedures are meant to improve the life of the tires, but their original purposes are slightly different. Wheel alignment is more common, and almost all cars visit our Orlando tire shop for wheel alignments. On the other hand, wheel or tire rotations need to be done for specific cars only that experience these issues.

The wheel alignment is more about the driving experience and wheel rotation or tire rotation deals with the overall-wearing and life of the tires.

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