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Pre-purchase vehicle check services can give you a better idea of the expected quality from the car. The inspection of the car does not include the repairing of the vehicle as these services just pinpoint the possible issues.

When you know what areas the car lacks in, you can adjust your offer accordingly, many Orlando tire shops, like is, have experienced technicians and teams for car inspections. Our Orlando tire shop also deals with the complex matters that involve a smoother drive of the car.

What is Included in

A Car Inspection?

There are different car check packages with the coverage of specific details. Here are some important points that are included in almost every car check:

  • Exterior paint and denting or painting

  • Interior components inspection

  • Mechanical reliability of the car

  • Electrical checks

  • The age of tires and wheels

  • Road test evaluation

  • Documentation clearance

Easy Car InspectionS

You don’t need to get involved in long processes or lengthy procedures for the inspection done. The professional team will visit your location for car inspection. Different aspects of the car will be checked with advanced tools, and many parts will be analyzed manually too.

Good Decision making

Car check services are not only for buying used cars, but you can also have your current car checked for any issue. Periodic car checks can keep you safe from any major issue. Apart from the mechanical and electrical performance of the car, you also need to focus on the quality of your new or used tires. 

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